2017: Year of Amazon - What Exactly Happened?

A lot can happen in a year – especially on Amazon.com. Market Track teamed up with CPC Strategy to outline noteworthy changes, trends & need-to-knows that occurred on the Marketplace in 2017. With these in mind, we’ll be discussing their potential impact on 2018 and focusing on how Amazon sellers and vendors alike can put their best foot forward this upcoming year. Watch now.

The State of Amazon's Brand Gating Policy and Protection

We join CPC Strategy for their hosted round-table discussion, along with Amazon Sellers Lawyer, for a round-table discussion on Amazon's Brand Gating Policy. Get an overview of their policy, along with what's true, what's false, and what you can expect as a brand on the marketplace. We also discuss the future of brand protection on Amazon, and what changes you could be seeing in the future. Watch now.


Expert Q&A: Unauthorized Online Resellers

Gene Zelek, Partner at Taft Stettinius and Hollister LLP, held a 45-minute Q&A session, where he answered attendees's most pressing questions relating to MAP/MRP policies and unauthorized resellers. Listen to Gene's practical solutions for your most pressing questions relating to implementing and enforcing a policy, and learn case studies from brands who have gotten creative with their handling of violations. Watch now.

5 Elements to Successfully Selling on Amazon

Pat Petriello of CPC Strategy joins us as we uncover five crucial components to successfully selling on the Amazon marketplace. Many Amazon sellers find that their products get lost amongst their competitor's, making it difficult to stand-out to consumers. Learn how to properly market your products to stay ahead of your competitors, and increase product discoverability, while also protecting your brand from a variety of online threats. Watch now.

Controlling Your Content on Amazon

This webinar will show you how presenting your products on Amazon can drive sales on ALL channels and promote your brand. Learn how you can create a process that is data-driven and leverages Amazon to improve your products and customer satisfaction. Market Track and Tod Harrick, VP of Product at Marketplace Ignition, will show you the ropes. Watch now

Improving Sales Performance Through Enhanced Measurement

Learn more about the effectiveness of your trade marketing investment in retail feature ads. We will address critical questions about your business that address the return on your marketing investment and your promotional strategy. See how aligning sales data with feature ad data can help you. Watch now

Race to Efficiency with Jet.com

In today's retail environment, price is king. The "Pricing Race to the Bottom" has eroded margins in eCommerce and has created a variety of problems for brands and retailers. But as the newest marketplace, Jet.com is making waves by creating a new retail environment centered on lower cost. Watch now

Manufacturers Selling Online

Manufacturers Selling Direct-to-Consumer Online

Manufacturers are adopting direct-to-consumer faster than ever before. It is becoming one of the top strategies for manufacturers across all categories of consumer goods. But it is unknown territory for manufacturers. Find out everything you need to know from industry experts - what is the opportunity size, what are the go-to-market considerations, what about channel conflict, and more, in our webinar with Jason Rubottom of Ally Commerce. Watch now