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“Market Track is the only solution that can truly provide us with comprehensive store-level data for major retailer partners and market-level data for all National, Regional, and Local retailer partners that we sell our products through.”
— VP of Category Management, Fortune 1000 CPG Manufacturer


“We utilize Market Track because they customize their tools and solutions to support our business initiatives. We evaluated other solutions that take a one-size-fits-all approach, but they weren’t able to meet our specific needs. Market Track provides us with the insights we need to quickly to take action in the marketplace.”
— VP of Sales, Fortune 1000 Durable Goods Manufacturer


“Market Track has been invaluable in helping us improve the effectiveness of our promotional advertising. My account team at Market Track is always sending valuable research and insights that are relevant to our business and objectives.”
— VP of Marketing, Fortune 1000 Grocery Retailer


“We work with Market Track because they are the best promotional and pricing data provider in the market—the data is accurate and reliable, and we get ads the day that they break. Plus, they are the only company that can give us data and reports that are customized to directly align with our internal category hierarchy and data structure.”
— VP of Marketing, Fortune 500 Drug/Mass Retailer


“Before signing on with Market Track, we used a similar service provider and ended up spending 90% of our time manipulating the data into a usable format. Since switching, we’ve been huge fans of Market Track’s custom hierarchies and segmentation that mesh with the analyses we do every day. Now we’re able to spend 90% of our time taking direct action on the insights coming out of the data.”
— Director of Consumer and Shopper Insights, Fortune 1000 Grocery Retailer


“The Share of Voice Report is FANTASTIC!! It saves so much time vs. manual counting and running numerous reports when you have to look at multiple categories. It also shows when a banner changes focus on a specific category because of where it ranks within the banner in ad activity .”
— Category Manager, Fortune 500 CPG Manufacturer


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Recent Client Success Stories


Saving $2 Million in 2 Hours — Lawn Products

A national home center requested a significant budget increase from a leading lawn products company over the current year. In return for the increased budget, the retailer agreed to provide additional ad placements.

With sales flat, the manufacturer turned to Market Track to evaluate their advertising performance for the two previous years.

They found that historically sales were stronger with fewer, more prominent ads instead of smaller, more frequent ads.

With this information, the manufacturer worked with the retailer to develop an ad program to drive sales that emphasized product placement and ad size rather than ad frequency.

The bottom line? With a better ad strategy in place, the manufacturer avoided a $2 million increase in ad spend while still increasing sales the following year with better ad position and placement.


Saying “I Do” To Your Retailer and Liking It — Breakfast Cereal

Cereal marketers recognize the need to provide value to their retail partners if they expect to earn the shelf space necessary to generate their target volumes.

That’s why one cereal manufacturer relies on Market Track to deliver the category and promotional pricing information quickly and easily, with a huge added benefit—their retailers turn to them as category captains for the most accurate and timely information they can get.

When category captains use reports and digital images of competitive activity to justify additional facings for specific products, they also provide the valuable service of educating the retailer about its own markets.

Being able to deliver reliable, accurate information has helped this marketer achieve its major objective—add a valuable service that builds a trusting and profitable relationship.


Compliance Reliance — DVD and Blu-Ray

Monitoring compliance to Minimum Advertised Pricing agreements (MAP) is crucial to protecting the carious studios and retailers who sell movies on DVD and Blu-Ray. One retailer featuring a super low price on a new release unfairly impacts other retailer partners who are in compliance.

That’s why a major movie studio relies heavily on Market Track to automatically deliver clear, concise and detailed pricing reports on DVD and Blu-Ray promotions in all major markets. These “alert” reports are automatic and precise.

Market Track reports are so timely that violators are spotted quickly, enabling the studio to enforce compliance throughout their retail distribution.


Too Many Products, Too Many Prices — Top 10 Retailer

A top retailer continued to find their pricing on key promotional items being topped by various competitors. One week it would be competitor A, the next competitor B.

Using Market Track’s Advanced Analytics tools the Merchandisers at the retailer were able to identify the low price offered on all their planned purchases targeted for promotion

Now the retailer rarely finds that something they decide to go big on for key event periods gets trumped by a competitor.