We Turn Data and Insight Into Solutions for Your Business

Every client has unique needs. As long-standing advisors to the consumer goods supplier and retail industries, we know that business issues and opportunities vary from company to company. That’s why at Market Track, we start with a detailed review of your business issues and objectives. Once these are understood, we tailor solutions that leverage our extensive market intelligence, proprietary ad tracking methodology, technology, and expert analysis through one or more of the following services:

Research – Providing services to all classes of trade and working with manufacturers/suppliers, retailers and brokers/distributors uniquely positions Market Track as an industry thought leader. Our Research & Advisory services provide macro-level trending across the advertising landscape, as well as more focused “deep dives” into markets, categories, competitors or key events. This solution takes the form of our research – including Market Track Perspectives™, Dimensions™, Shopper Insight Series and MT360 Series – yet also includes project analyses commissioned by clients to investigate unclear market trends or anomalies. We also help identify and advise our clients on emerging trends and competitive responses.

Advisory – Using our renowned high-quality, granular data as a foundation, we work closely with our clients to provide deeper insights, overlaying various performance metrics from different sources onto our causal data analysis. These analyses, or advisory solutions, are tailored using our best-in-class analytics software, coupled with support and analysis from our dedicated account teams and industry experts. For many clients, we configure the analysis framework, which they incorporate into their “insights” process. For others, we perform the analysis on behalf of the client, freeing them to focus on the decisions to be made from the data. We know each client has unique resource requirements and constraints, and we build our engagement plan around these factors.

Foundational Market Intelligence – We start with the most comprehensive advertising database in the world. This database, which includes over 30 meta data elements extracted from each ad, allows analysis on a myriad of causal measures, visual confirmations and export capabilities to Excel, PowerPoint or PDF. Access to this 360 degree view of the advertising landscape is delivered through Market Track’s easy-to-use FeatureVision® SaaS application.

Our Market Track Suite



FeatureVision offers the most comprehensive view of promotions influencing shoppers - monitor and analyze over 200 U.S. and Canadian markets for every channel of trade. The platform offers extensive coverage of over 2,000 retailers across the US, Canada, and select international markets across 10 media types with 15 years of history.


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PriceVision delivers real-time information on more than 1 billion "buy" pages at more than 4,000 supported online merchants, retail locations and manufacturers worldwide. PriceVision tracks product listings, pricing, promotions, stock levels, end-of-life information, competitive price deltas and much more, enabling unprecedented real-time monitoring, analysis and control of the e-commerce channel.


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Competitrack offers full service competitive ad monitoring with fully integrated creative and ad spending data across 22 traditional and emerging media. Breaking ads are available within hours, spend data is available within 3 days, with granular media spending linked to each creative.


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