Market Track monitors products by site and category listing

Part of the draw for shoppers when choosing where they want to buy online is site assortment. Which retailers stock the best products to fulfill their needs? Retailers too often lack the visibility into competitive product assortment to know whether they are listing the right categories, brands, and products to differentiate themselves.

Site assortment issues can come at a huge cost to retailers. Why continue buying products that do not meet the needs of their target shoppers? Market Track’s eCommerce solution helps retailers remain competitive on product selection by better informing their site assortment decisions.

retail assortment


Confirm your site assortment is optimized by assessing category share of total listings on competitive eCommerce sites.

product assortment


Track weekly shifts in competitive category, brand, and product assortment to ensure you are stocking the right products at the right times.

competitive pricing analysis


Ensure you are listing the right brands and products in the right positions on your digital shelf relative to your competitors.

Access customized visualizations, including...

Products per Category by Site


Category Listing Share by Site

pricing intelligence

Manufacturer Listing Share by Category

competitive pricing analysis

Manufacturer Products by Category

price intelligence dashboard

Daily Trend in Listings by Category

category assortment


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