Our Market Track Suite

Monitor Promotions


FeatureVision®, our promotional monitoring platform, offers the most comprehensive view of promotions influencing shoppers – monitor and analyze over 200 U.S. and Canadian markets for every channel of trade. The platform offers extensive coverage of over 2,000 retailers across the US, Canada, and select international markets across 10 media types with 15 years of history.


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Monitor eCommerce Pricing


eCommerce Pricing

Our eCommerce Pricing software delivers real-time information on more than 1 billion “buy” pages at more than 4,000 supported online merchants, retail locations and manufacturers worldwide. We track product listings, pricing, promotions, stock levels, end-of-life information, competitive price deltas and much more, enabling unprecedented real-time monitoring, analysis and control of the eCommerce channel.


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Monitor Brand Protection



Brand Protection

Our Brand Protection software provides visibility into the global open market, monitoring the full spectrum of site types and collecting in depth information about the sellers, the products, and the individual listings. We use automated business rules to filter the collected data, offering clean and relevant information on unique sellers and listing risk indices.


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Monitor Advertising


Our Competitrack® advertising software offers full service competitive ad monitoring with fully integrated creative and ad spending data across 22 traditional and emerging media. Breaking ads are available within hours, spend data is available within 3 days, with granular media spending linked to each creative.


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Where to Buy Products

Where To Buy

Our Where To Buy solution helps brands sell more products online by connecting shoppers to retailers from their website, social networks, and other digital marketing channels. Using custom implementations, we adhere to brand guidelines, offer comparison shopping, and connect consumers directly to buy pages.


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