The Art of Battling Giant Brands

In this whitepaper, we compare the advertising and promotional strategies of three emerging brands that are utilizing forward-thinking tactics to take on the big players. See how they are disrupting industry titans and winning over the hearts (and wallets) of consumers. Learn more

eCommerce Intelligence for CPG Brands

While the transition to eCommerce has been more pronounced for manufacturers of electronics, small appliances, and other durable goods, many CPG brands are just now developing their eCommerce strategies. Learn more

The Rise of Targeted Advertising

Advanced consumer targeting is no longer a digital-only practice, and many retailers are striving to ensure their weekly promotions resonate with local audiences. Certain retailers may run 30, 40, or even 50+ versions of their weekly circular ad. Learn more

Trends in Private Label Promotions

Store brands have undergone a transformation in recent years thanks to rapidly changing shopper preferences. Not only have retailers innovated, diversified and improved their private label products, but they have also changed the way the products are marketed. Learn more

Branded Content Insights and Inspiration

Branded content is a dynamic and growing form of digital advertising where brands partner with media publishers to produce engaging and unique content on websites and social channels. Learn more

Market Track’s Where To Buy Solution

Market Track’s Where to Buy solution brings online and local retailer product offers directly to your digital media, ranging from brand pages on your website, to online advertising. Learn more

Trip Driver Promotions

“Trip driver” is a term used to describe the promoted products that are most likely to bring shoppers into the store at a given time. As consumers plan their shopping trips around the best values, it’s up to brands and retailers to meet those demands and win business. Learn more

Five Category Insights That Will Have Buyers Calling YOU First

Market Track knows that buyers keep a busy schedule, but they also look to their sellers for insights on how to grow category sales. When your brand is positioned to answer their key category questions, they will look to you before the competition… Learn more

Brand Policing Best Practices for Amazon Sellers

What are some best practices for identifying MAP violators and enforcing brand policies online? Market Track partnered with CPC Strategy to address common concerns for brands as they try to protect both their pricing and IP in the volatile eCommerce space… Learn more

Store-Level Data and Hyper-Localization

some retailers distribute dozens of versions of their print circular every week to better tailor their offers to specific audiences. However, this promotional tactic makes it difficult to accurately assess the competitive landscape, or explain sales performance. How can you analyze your performance… Learn more

Multi-Channel Price Visibility

Brands and manufacturers may see the details of a retail promotion for the first time the moment it hits consumers, leaving little time to react and course-correct, if need be. The good news: there are a variety of marketing and pricing tactics that are agile enough to react to… Learn more