Dennis Moore
Chief Executive Officer

Regan Garrett, CFO

Regan Garrett
Chief Financial Officer

Mark Detelich
Chief Strategy & Solutions Officer


Alex Hase
Chief Sales Officer

Kevin Harakal
Chief Operations Officer

Eric Pablo
Executive Vice President, Operations

Alexander Rink
Chief Growth Officer


Market Track’s solutions enable advertisers, agencies, retailers, and manufacturers of consumer goods to efficiently monitor and analyze causal data, creative execution, and ad spending to maximize the value of their marketing campaigns.

Clients use Market Track’s capabilities to determine how competing retailers, products and brands are being advertised, priced and promoted both in-store and online. The company’s granular creative assets and data cover nearly every retail trade class, product category and media channel. Whether it is protecting loyal customers or influencing undecided shoppers, advertising and promotions are undeniably your greatest asset or liability during the buying cycle.

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