Market Track thought leadershipEvery one of our over 1,200 clients has unique needs. That’s why at Market Track, we start with a detailed review of your business issues and objectives. Once these are understood, we tailor solutions that enable brands, agencies, retailers, and manufacturers to efficiently monitor and analyze competitive advertising, pricing, creative execution, and media usage to maximize the value of their marketing campaigns. These solutions are delivered through one or more of the following levels of engagement:

Thought Leadership

Providing services to retailers, manufacturers, brands, service providers, agencies, and other third party companies, Market Track is uniquely positioned as an industry thought leader. Our Research & Advisory engagement provides macro-level trending across the advertising, promotions, and eCommerce landscape, as well as more focused “deep dives” into markets, categories, competitors or key events. This solution takes the form of our research – including Market Track Perspectives™, MT360 Series, Shopper Insight Series and other research – yet also includes project analyses commissioned by clients to investigate unclear market trends or anomalies. We also help identify and advise our clients on emerging trends and competitive responses.

Market Track Analytics

Using our high-quality, granular data as a foundation, we work closely with our clients to provide deeper insights into their competitive analysis by overlaying performance metrics from various sources onto our causal data. These analyses, or advisory solutions, are tailored using our best-in-class analytics software, coupled with support and analysis from our dedicated account teams and industry experts. For many clients, we configure the analysis framework, which they incorporate into their “insights” process. For others, we perform the analysis on behalf of the client, freeing them to focus on the decisions to be made from the data. We know each client has unique resource requirements and constraints, and we build our engagement plan around these factors.

Market Track is advanced in industry thought leadership.Analytical Toolsets

Our clients rely on a variety of data sources to measure their performance. To further enhance the insights derived from our web-based platforms, we provide an overlay toolset that seamlessly integrates into client databases, enabling the alignment of sales and other performance metrics with our in-house advertising, promotions, and eCommerce data. Clients use these toolsets to conduct their own analyses, or to measure execution against their plan.

Foundational “Big Data” & Market Insight

We start with the most comprehensive set of advertising, promotions, eCommerce pricing, and brand protection data in the world. This information is extracted, quality-controlled, and populated into client-customized, easy-to-use web-based platforms, to which clients have 24/7 access. Each platform features industry-leading reporting capabilities, including auto-updated dashboards and interactive data visualizations, as well as advanced querying and reporting capabilities for the more detail-oriented user. All data, images, and reporting can be exported in the format that best fits client needs—from Excel, to JPEG/PNG, to pdf.