We provide manufacturers visibility into online pricing

eCommerce price fluctuations will continue to become more frequent and less predictable with time. Companies that lack the ability to track intraday price changes are at a significant disadvantage in today’s eCommerce marketplace. No visibility leads to slow, imprecise reactive price changes, which makes it difficult to win more informed, price sensitive shoppers who have plenty of options when deciding where to buy. 

Real-Time Intraday Pricing

Market Track’s Online Pricing solution captures online price every time it changes. For some products, that could be once per week. For others, it could be hourly. If a competitor price changes, dropping below our manufacturer client’s price, they are immediately alerted to the price change. This insight is provided in-the-moment, allowing for quicker response times.

Online Price Trends

Whether monitoring how price changes over a product’s life-cycle, or pricing fluctuations in the weeks leading up to a key shopping holiday or event, Market Track’s Online Pricing solution provides insight into competitive online price trends. Graphical visualizations make it easy for manufacturers to identify competitive strategies and adjust to put themselves in the best position to win the shopper.

Automated Pricing Alerts

It would take an army for a manufacturer to monitor all competitive products in the eCommerce marketplace. Most manufacturers do not have the tools nor the resources to effectively monitor their competitive price fluctuations. Market Track’s Online Pricing solution provides automated pricing alerts when competitive products break pre-defined thresholds, including price drops, price increases, or stock levels.



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