Market Track's eCommerce Pricing solution offers both retailers and manufacturers unmatched visibility into the online marketplace

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Improve your eCommerce strategy with unmatched visibility into the online landscape. Leading manufacturers and retailers lean on Market Track’s eCommerce solutions to solve for their top challenges of doing business online. From MAP price policies and enforcement services, to competitive price tracking, to product assortment and stock variances, Market Track eCommerce provides the rich, accurate data and in-depth insight needed to successfully manage your online channel.

Manufacturer Solutions

MAP Monitoring

Products & Pricing


Over 450 clients choose us for industry-leading data that is…

Real-Time eCommerce Solutions


Listing prices collected on a client-determined cadence as frequently as intraday, enabling quick response to online pricing fluctuations.

Flexible Price Monitoring Solutions


Clients can adjust reporting filters on-the-fly, add new products and retailers in real-time, and customize product categories, currency, and SKUs according to internal classifications.

Actionable eCommerce Pricing


Excel-based reporting is fully customizable, and easy pipeline API feeds into existing business intelligence applications.

Intelligent Brand Protection Services


Unparalleled product matches and natural language processing enhances the usability of competitive reporting.

Comprehensive eCommerce Pricing Solutions


Over 15 million buy pages monitored daily—over one billion overall—on over 4,000 retail sites, including third-party marketplace sellers.

Accurate Online Pricing


Deep cart visibility, multi-level pricing, and easily translatable global retail terminology provides clients the cleanest eCommerce pricing dataset in the industry.

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