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In today's world, it's no longer enough to appear on the first page of a retailer category or search. If you’re not in the first row, or in many cases one of the first 3-4 products, your chances of making the sale decline dramatically. To put it simply, you need to be first if you want to sell optimally online.

Market Track Digital Shelf provides the data and visibility you need to smooth the digital path to purchase and close the sale. Our technology spans 5,500 online stores, making it the premier insights gateway to capture impact of online merchandising and operational activities with a direct link to your omnichannel sales numbers.

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75% of today's shoppers start their digital product search efforts via an online retailer (58% begin their search at alone). If you're unfamiliar with just how impactful your presence on the digital shelf can be, check out our latest webinar for more information on optimizing your online assortment and improving your bottom line or contact us to start a discussion.

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Get Discovered On All Digital Channels

Understand at an aggregate level your digital marketplace performance by aligning your share of digital shelf with your sales outcomes to view trends and confirm (or modify) your strategy.

Create exception workflows to expedite problem resolution

Track which retailer is driving price fluctuations for your products

Ensure the digital shelf is always stocked with in-demand products

Improve search placement by identifying under-performing keywords

Optimize product descriptions to engage shoppers and algorithms

Monitor product reviews and confirm they are supporting your brand

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