Pet Care Becoming a Trip Driver for Retailers

The number of people with pets in the U.S. is on the rise, particularly for Millennials – in which three-fourths of adults in their 30s have a dog and 51% have a cat. According to The Institute for Family Studies, … Continued

Top Shelf Episode Four: Store-level Data

In episode 4 of Top Shelf, Market Track’s Sara Foster, Product Manager, Promotions, talks about how shifts in consumer behavior and preferences have impacted how retailers promote. Check it out below!       

4 Key Questions Answered in Our Ecosystem Retailing Webinar

These days, leading retailers are focused on much more than just winning the next trip—they’re creating ecosystems designed to make them the path of least resistance for consumers.  Obviously, when thinking of these retail ecosystems, Amazon Prime comes to mind … Continued

Top Shelf Episode Three: Private Label

Welcome back to Top Shelf! In our ongoing video series, we provide our perspective on how brands and retailers can better connect with consumers and elevate their top line. This week we shift gears away from Amazon and discuss the rise of … Continued

Focus Your Ad Tracking

As consumers tastes and preferences become more and more specific, advertisers strive to deliver even greater segmented messages to greater and greater segmented audiences. Understanding how competitors are interacting with niche audiences is vital in crafting the right message on … Continued

Whole Worker Union

These days it’s hard to talk about Amazon without mentioning Whole Foods (and vice versa). It’s been over a year since the two came together via Amazon’s acquisition, but there may still be some growing pains, according to recent news … Continued

A Flight of Craft Beer Insights

With Back to School and draft season winding down, you’ve probably earned yourself a nice beer flight. Craft beers have received some interesting press as of late – from 10 Barrel Brewing commemorating The Last Blockbuster in the country (you’ll … Continued

Back to School is a Store Wide Event

Back-to-school generally evokes images of binders, writing utensils, notebooks, and rulers, but retail stores’ back-to-school sales today span almost every category in the store. From traditional school supplies to apparel, electronics, grocery, appliances and more, back-to-school is becoming a store-wide … Continued

Walmart Steps Up Its eCommerce Game

We’ve done a lot of analysis recently around Amazon’s 2018 Prime Day and the success that came along with it. But one thing we haven’t touched on is how the competition is ramping up with Walmart, particularly in the eCommerce … Continued