Market Track teamed up with Nike to help the sportswear and equipment giant develop a more holistic approach to its MAP policy and procedures. The proliferation of online marketplaces means consumers can compare and contrast promotions from hundreds of retailers with only a few clicks of the mouse. While keeping up with these promotions is becoming easier and easier for consumers, it is becoming a more complex job for manufacturers. Read full case study

Latino Media Services (LMS)

Five years ago, Latino Media Services (LMS) began seeing an increase in sales of illicit products that had been copied and made to look like legitimate. To solve this problem, they began looking for a vendor that could provide tailored, economical, and customer-focused solutions. Market Track developed a program for LMS that reduced the number of counterfeiters impacting their direct response television clients. This case study demonstrates how our eCommerce solution was able to provide successful online brand protection and price monitoring services. Read full case study


When it comes to data gathering and analysis, many times companies find that the challenge is not in the collection of data, but in the application. Such was the case for the MillerCoors analytics team, who had no trouble amassing large amounts of ad data, but struggled to form ad placement strategies with it. Eventually MillerCoors analysts began using Market Track data in combination with Nielsen data to pull apart ad boxes and determine which ones were working, and which were not. This case study details the full solution Market Track developed with MillerCoors that allowed them to integrate data and increase marketing effectiveness. Read full case study


Annual worldwide sales of counterfeit products now totals $1.7 trillion and constitutes as much as 10 percent of all product sales. Capturing lost revenues from these products and ensuring a company’s brand promise is maintained requires constant vigilance. Ubisoft partnered with Market Track in 2014 to defend their consumer product brands from online retail fraud. This case study shows how Market Track helped Ubisoft thwart the sale of thousands of counterfeit figurines, toys and other consumer products worth nearly $3 million in counterfeit listings. Read full case study