Whole Foods has released their first campaign since they were acquired by Amazon back in August… and it’s hilarious. “Whatever Makes You Whole” contains at least 15 digital, radio, tv, and outdoor spots that began on Monday, and will run all the way through 2018. According to Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, global VP of marketing at Whole Foods, this will be the brand’s largest advertising investment to date.

The campaign follows the life of several people and their everyday grocery shopping trips, with the real-life temptations and mishaps we all have when going to the grocery store. One of the ads shows a father with a full cart who has to call his wife to remember why he actually went to the store in the first place (diapers). Another so-called vegan requests four different cuts of beef at the meat counter. And one woman must taste a sample more than once to confirm the sample’s accuracy. See four of the spots below:

It appears that Whole Foods is targeting the average household younger demographic in this campaign. “Historically, we’ve been focused as a brand on telling our story in terms of our quality differential,” explains Oblisk, “This campaign was really intended to move the brand to a much more human place… but also have a strong nod to the individuality and diversity of everyone that loves the brand.”

Amazon is also working diligently on giving Prime members extra perks in Whole Foods stores, as we saw back in November for Thanksgiving, where Prime members received a special discount on turkeys in stores only. Be on the lookout for more integration between the two retailers soon!