Published on: November 13, 2017
By: Jill Badlotto

Earlier this year Amazon shook the global marketplace by announcing that they were making plans to continue to take over the world expand their offering to Australia, after much speculation by the media. Without a specific date announced, anticipation has been building, and although they still haven’t announced an official launch, we’ve received a little more detail on their future plans.


This Monday, November 13th, Amazon held their Marketplace Seller Summit in partnership with the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and the SME Association of Australia (SMEA). Australian business owners itching to list their products on Amazon (and skeptics) gathered for this free event where they heard from Amazon representatives and experts, including Rocco Braeuniger, Amazon Australia country manager, and Fabio Bertola, head of Amazon Marketplace in Australia. And in case you weren’t able to make it down under for the sold-out event, we’ve highlighted three important topics they covered:

  1. They’re ready and committed: Though the announcement was only made in April, Amazon enthusiastically stated that their logistic warehouses are built and ready to ship products. “We have long term ambitions to be successful and earn the trust of Australian companies and the Australian customer.” Rocco Braeuniger stated, in front of 500 attendees. Amazon also shared their commitment to bring thousands of jobs to Australia, along with the investment of millions of dollars to help sellers grow their business.
  2. They encouraged retailers to get on board, and laid out the guidelines: At the summit, Amazon urged retailers to sign up with the marketplace by highlighting their ability to deliver them access to millions of customers (supported by case studies from current sellers who shared their positive experiences), while also laying out their marketplace model. All third-party retailers will be allowed to set their own prices and listings, and take on shipping and delivery responsibilities. Retailers will pay amazon a monthly fee of $49.95 (plus GST) and anywhere from 6-15% commission– dependent upon the product category.
  3. First attended, first served: Amazon already has Australian retailers signed up to sell once the marketplace is open, and according to Business Insider, those who attended the summit will be on a priority list of those to get the exclusive invitation to sell. Not all product categories will be offered on the site at first, but they’re already starting to roll out products now.

And with all that hype, Amazon still wouldn’t commit to a definitive launch date, although rumors are swirling they plan to disrupt the holiday season by launching during Black Friday. Because why would they do it any other way?