Has anyone been typecast worse than David Schwimmer? It really doesn’t matter what he does, it seems he’ll forever be recognized from his role in “Friends.” But as the national attention turns to the Super Bowl, one brand is giving Ross a chance to reinvent himself in the eyes of at least one person.

Skittles has made the unique creative decision to air one of their Super Bowl LII commercials to just one teenager, Marco Menendez of Los Angeles. The spot will feature Schwimmer, who says “I would never promote a product I didn’t actually enjoy myself.”

Shcwimmer Skittles.png
Source: Market Track’s Advertising Data

As of today, four 15-second teasers for the campaign were released. Each one stars Schwimmer as different quirky characters that do nothing if not stay true to the weird branding Skittles has cultivated over the years. AdAge reports that the final spot in this series is set to only be shown to Menendez, who is just 17 years old and likely pretty unfamiliar with Ross Geller’s character.

Schwimmer Skittles1.png
Source: Market Track’s Advertising Data

“We’ll have to show him the commercial along with the 10 seasons of ‘Friends,'” Schwimmer said of the situation. But even he doesn’t know which character version will be shown to Menendez, adding “I’m not even going to see it.” There’s still a lot up in the air about how Skittles is going to launch this campaign, but we expect that there will be some social media components as well.

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