Published on: June 29, 2017
By: Market Track Insights

Amazon has finally announced the much-anticipated date for its third annual Prime Day event, and it may not be what you expected: it’s actually two dates.

Mirroring the already-common practice of Black Friday sale events, Prime Day will begin on the evening prior to the official sale date and extend into the following day, July 11th – allowing Amazon Prime members to enjoy a full 30 hours of Prime Day bargain shopping.   Starting at 6pm PT/9pm ET on July 10th, Amazon says they will begin presenting new offers “as often as every five minutes”, ultimately promising shoppers “hundreds of thousands of deals”.   And, in addition to expanding days the event is also expanding across the globe this year to include 13 different countries.

Prime Day July.png

According to Amazon, last year Prime Day sales rose by more than 60 percent from the previous year worldwide, and in the US increased by upwards of 50%.   With the additional hours tacked on this year, it’s possible that sales for the 2017 Prime Day will grow even more.  On the other hand, Amazon’s ever-widening base of Prime members – the total number of Prime members grew 38% year-over-year in Q1 2017, according to Business Insider – may create difficulty in finding new shoppers to bring into the Amazon Prime fold.  To gain some insight into the potential success of Prime Day 2017, in our latest Shopper Insight Survey we asked consumers how they feel about Amazon and the largest summer shopping day of the year.

Download our “Prime Day Preview: A Shopper’s Perspective” infographic to gain insight on the latest Amazon shopping trends that could impact the success of 2017 Prime Day, including:

  • How household income demographics coincide with Amazon Prime members
  • The growing number of consumers who shop on Amazon
  • How often consumers shop on Amazon and for which categories
  • What percentage of consumers plan to shop on Prime Day this year
  • How many people actually read reviews and ratings before purchasing a product on Amazon