Burning Product in the Name of Brand Protection

Last week – much to the dismay of investors and environmentalists – it was reported that Burberry destroyed more than $37 million worth of product in the last 12 months. The luxury brand responded by admitting to the practice but … Continued

Unilever Drives to Double Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Unilever is looking to mirror the direct-to-consumer (DTC) tactics of their Dollar Shave Club brand (which is ranked number five in a Forbes list of most popular subscription services as of April 2018) with more of their other premium products. … Continued

Our Prime Day Media Blitz

It’s been a busy week here at Market Track, but Prime Day is now officially in the rear-view mirror. Just like in previous years, there was a lot of speculation and analysis around Prime Day, and Market Track was once again … Continued

Prime Day is Here (Well, Sort Of)!

At the stroke of 3pm EST, so many questions were answered…uh…supposed to be answered. How else will Whole Foods be involved when Prime Day starts? What’s on sale and how good are the deals? Any surprise reveals from Amazon? Unfortunately, … Continued

Canada Day Promotional Review

Canada Day occurred on July 1st. For those who don’t live in Canada and may not know what the day celebrates – it is a federal holiday to show off the national pride of the country (much like Independence Day … Continued

Prime Day Predictions

Amazon will have their fourth Prime Day on July 16th and experts are already speculating on the scope of this year’s deals. One of the most-unique aspects of this Prime Day is that Whole Foods will be brought into the … Continued