Published on: May 19, 2017
By: Market Track Insights

Earlier this month, Oscar Mayer unveiled new hot dogs, now without added nitrates or nitrites, artificial preservatives, or by-products. To create hype about their reformulated product, the company will be driving their six Wienermobiles (which have been around since 1936) around the country this spring and summer – showing up in Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades.

Kraft Heinz Co., Oscar Mayer’s parent company, wanted to make sure all their employees could try the new product. Greg Guidotti, head of marketing at Oscar Mayer, delivered the new dogs to company offices around the country – serving up lunch including Kraft Heinz’s condiments, of course.

According to an article on Ad Age, Oscar Mayer plans on spending about twice as much on media this year as it did in 2016 as it promotes the new recipes – including TV, radio, social media, and other channels. In a review of Market Track’s advertising panel, we found some campaigns featuring the Wienermobile in the past. Some of the TV campaigns featured the iconic “Oscar Mayer Wiener” song sang by kids, while others such as an online display ad in May 2010 feature a sweepstakes to win a chance to spend the day in the Wienermobile. The Wienermobile even made an appearance in a Walmart commercial that broke in April of 2006.

Wieniermobile Advertising.jpg