Published on: July 12, 2017
By: Market Track Insights

Ikea is targeting millennials in their Back-to-School (BTS) campaign this year, featuring social media stars Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying (members of the acapella singing group, Pentatonix, and the YouTube comedy web show, Superfruit) in a series of interactive video advertisements on Snapchat. Paid ads within the app will prompt viewers to answer questions or click on buttons to progress through the story. At the end of the interactive video users are prompted to visit Ikea’s website, where they can purchase products shown in the ad. Play along in one of the videos below:

In an AdWeek article Noah Mallin – head of social at Ikea’s agency, Mediaedge:cia – talked about attracting millennials, Ikea’s core demographic: “This is the pickiest audience out there and they’re an audience that is getting so saturated by messaging. If we just did traditional ads—even at six seconds and vertical—[their] eyes start to glaze over. If we’re going to rely on that, it’s not really getting the most out of the platform.”

Market Tracked reviewed what Ikea’s efforts to bring shoppers to their website and stores during the 2015 and 2016 BTS season. In 2015, in combination with more traditional advertising such as online display and print ads, Ikea also had several anxiety-provoking articles and GIFs on Buzzfeed.  An article titled “The 12 Emotional Stages Of Dropping Your Kids Off At College” reminded parents to “shop for the big move at Ikea”, and “44 Dramatic Thoughts Everyone Has At Ikea” aimed to get college students excited to shop for their dorm. In 2016, Ikea did not make use of social media for BTS as much as the year prior – but they did use the same tagline as the year before, “A Study in Style.” A few examples are below.

Ikea BTS Advertising.jpg

Source: Market Track Advertising Data

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