Published on: August 21, 2017
By: Market Track Insights

Consumers have grown accustomed to advertisers taking advantage of key events on the calendar like the Super Bowl or the holiday shopping season to ramp up their ad messaging. This week afforded advertisers a potential once-in-a-lifetime advertising opportunity in the form of a solar eclipse. Today, all of North America will be treated to either a full or partial solar eclipse, depending on where you live. With all of the excitement in the news and on social media about the rare event, brands and retailers are bringing the timely topic to their customers.

Restaurants such as Dunkin Donuts and Denny’s are celebrating the event by offering Munchkins donut boxes that can be used as a pinhole projector to view the eclipse, and $4 all you can eat Mooncakes all day. Grocery store Kroger featured the ad message “Eclipse of the cart” in their online display and print ads. Samsung created a heartfelt television commercial of a wedding during the eclipse. Delta Airlines and Volvo even mentioned the eclipse in their mobile and social ads. And even Mattel featured an online video titled “Storytime with Barbie: Solar Eclipse.”

In a promotional review, we also discovered a lot of retailers and brands using eclipse puns in their email subject lines, hoping to seize the excitement that has been building around this event over the past several weeks.

Advertisers use Eclipse

Eclipse Email Subjects

Source: Market Track Advertising and Promotional Data