Moon Pie Trolls Their Way to Sales Increase

Happy Friday!  Today’s post is the first in a series of blogs in which we will examine the advertising and marketing practices of small or emerging brands who are successfully competing with larger, more-established brands – who have more ad … Continued

Amazon Plants Roots in Gardening

Do you know how difficult it is to buy plants these days? Time and time again, I head down to my local garden center and impulse buy tons of succulents and perennials only to realize that I have no way … Continued

Game Over for American Malls? See for Yourself.

It seems as though everywhere you turn, another retail store is closing shop. Recently J.C. Penney was the latest to join Toys R Us, Sam’s Club, Macy’s, and many others in announcing store closures for 2018. And while we, too, … Continued

Ripple Effects on Retail

The effects of the Trump presidency have been felt in all corners of globe. Most of us have probably felt the anxiety that comes with anticipating the next outrageous headline or tweet. Others have been more directly and severely affected … Continued

Valentine’s Day: Candy Promotions and Insights

In between all the talk about the Super Bowl, the winter Olympics, and Mardi Gras, there is yet another event that’s important to many brands and retailers – Valentine’s Day. According to the National Retail Federation, consumer spend for this … Continued

Watch Now

In the wake of Super Bowl LII, Market Track is launching our advertising recap covering the tactics and spend metrics behind the big game. Join us for our first ever video advertising analysis for a complete recap on the ads that defined … Continued

Whole Foods’ First Campaign Since Acquired by Amazon

Whole Foods has released their first campaign since they were acquired by Amazon back in August… and it’s hilarious. “Whatever Makes You Whole” contains at least 15 digital, radio, tv, and outdoor spots that began on Monday, and will run all … Continued

Getting Social with Super Bowl Ads

Whether you’ve called in “sick” today or are toughing it out at your desk right now like a trooper, you’ve probably scrolled through your Twitter feed to find much talk about last night’s big game. And while we’ve been working … Continued

Pepsi vs. Coke: The Other Super Bowl Matchup

The Super Bowl kicks off this Sunday between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, but there’s another showdown happening alongside the big game – Coke vs. Pepsi. This long-standing rivalry of soda brands will come to the forefront … Continued