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Prime Day 2018 Deal Summary - Amazon Devices

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It's Amazon Prime Day, But Walmart Is Fighting Hard To Steal Its Archrival's Thunder

An exclusive pricing study by Market Track of over 45,000 matched online product listings on Walmart and Amazon on Prime Day found this: Walmart’s average price stood at just 2% higher than Amazon's. In comparison, outside of Prime Day, Walmart’s online pricing is typically on par to within 1% higher or lower than Amazon’s price at any given point, “effectively price parity,” Read More

Amazon breaks Prime Day records despite site crashes

The average discount during Prime day was 38% off. Amazon-branded and Alexa-connected products averaged discounts of 36%, while non-Amazon products averaged 38%. Toys & Games (51% off), office (48%), and personal care (40%) were among the categories with some of the deepest early discounts, according to Market Track. Read More

Amazon says US Prime Day sales 'so far bigger than ever' as glitch is resolved

In the early hours of deals, the average Prime Day discount on Amazon was about 38 percent off, according to a Monday survey by Market Track of about 75 deals on the website. Toys and games were discounted by a staggering 51 percent, on average, Market Track said. Office supplies were about 48 percent off, while personal care was about 40 percent off around the start of the event. Read More

Shopping with Alexa on Amazon Prime day will be hard. These tricks make it easier

On Prime Day, many specials will be Alexa-only. Market Track, an ad and pricing analysis firm, says during last year's Amazon Prime Day, items available only via Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa were on average 33 percent off their everyday price. Read More

Amazon takes Prime Day perks beyond e-commerce to drive traffic to Whole Foods stores

Prime Day is the perfect setting for Amazon to drive more trial and adoption of Whole Foods among their loyal Prime base,” said Ryne Misso, director of marketing at Market Track, a market intelligence company. Read More

Are Amazon Prime Day sales a steal? We asked 4 pricing firms to find out

The absolute best bests will be Alexa-only deals, says Market Track, an ad and pricing analysis firm. During last year’s Prime Day sale, items available only via Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa were on average 33 percent off their everyday price, said Ryne Misso, Market Track's marketing director. Read More

How to Get the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Ryne Misso, director of marketing at the retail tracking firm Market Track, says he expects to see deals this year on more niche connected products, like smart home-security systems, smart door locks and doorbells, smart thermostats—even smart lightbulbs. "Many of these devices need Alexa to connect their functionality to consumers, and Prime Day this year may be highlighted by Amazon’s efforts to draw customers in through various connected home 'side doors,' so to speak,” he says. Read More



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