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Don’t have time to sit through a webinar or read through our in-depth presentation deck?  Our Market Track Minis series provides brief overviews of specific Amazon-related topics, using Market Track-sourced data to shed light on Amazon’s marketing activities.


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Alibaba vs Amazon: The Race for Australia
Two eCommerce powerhouses are facing off in the "Land Down Under" - see the challenges Amazon is likely to face against Alibaba's established presence. 

Is Amazon repeating past mistakes with their launch in Australia?
With their Australian launch well underway, can we set expectations based on Amazon's debut in Singapore last July? 

Amazon Plants Roots in Gardening
Amazon's added a new gardening section to their website - see what this tells us about the online retailer's larger strategy for the year ahead. 

Game Over for American Malls? See for Yourself.
The future of brick-and-mortar retail is in your hands with the latest game sweeping the internet. Can you keep your shopping mall alive or will Jeff Bezos take over?

Whole Foods’ First Campaign Since Acquired by Amazon
Get an early look at the first campaign from Whole Foods since the Amazon acquisition - we'll also see how Prime members are getting special perks from the grocery retailer.  

In the business of problem-solving
Jeff Bezos is teaming up with Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon to create a better healthcare solution for employees.  


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There’s no doubt that Amazon has exerted tremendous downward pressure on prices. Per research by Market Track-owned InfoScout, though the frequency of online purchasing increased 33% in the past year, the average online purchase size has decreased 4%. The decrease can be directly attributed to the Amazon effect (given that they make up almost half of eCommerce). If that were the only impact Amazon was having on the marketplace, that would be unsettling, but not game changing.

What’s most disruptive is that in addition to offering confoundingly low prices on most everything, creating its own ecosystem, inventing its own freaking holiday and invading every crevice of retailing, manufacturing and even media, many rightly consider Amazon to be one of the most (if not THE most) innovative companies in the world. How do you coexist with a company like Amazon—a company that is obsessed with customers, thinks big, has a bias toward action, and could not care less about (short-term) profits?

In case you missed it, we were panelists alongside Payability for CPC Strategy's webinar recapping Amazon's year of 2017.


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