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There’s no doubt that Amazon has exerted tremendous downward pressure on prices. Per research by Market Track-owned InfoScout, though the frequency of online purchasing increased 33% in the past year, the average online purchase size has decreased 4%. The decrease can be directly attributed to the Amazon effect (given that they make up almost half of eCommerce). If that were the only impact Amazon was having on the marketplace, that would be unsettling, but not game changing.

What’s most disruptive is that in addition to offering confoundingly low prices on most everything, creating its own ecosystem, inventing its own freaking holiday and invading every crevice of retailing, manufacturing and even media, many rightly consider Amazon to be one of the most (if not THE most) innovative companies in the world. How do you coexist with a company like Amazon—a company that is obsessed with customers, thinks big, has a bias toward action, and could not care less about (short-term) profits?

In case you missed it, we were panelists alongside Payability for CPC Strategy's webinar recapping Amazon's year of 2017.


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Don’t have time to sit through a webinar or read through our in-depth presentation deck?  Our Market Track Minis series provides brief (1-page) overviews of specific Amazon-related topics, using Market Track-sourced data to shed light on Amazon’s marketing activities (and what they might mean for you).  Be sure to check back often for new additions.

Amazon vs. Advertising

An analysis of total US paid media spend across the top mass merchandisers – Amazon, Target, Walmart and Jet – reveals that, among that group, Amazon is the biggest spender on advertising by far. Download our latest research to read the four key insights we found and get a closer look at Amazon's advertising spending.

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The (Almost) Everything Store

Amazon's self-described mission is to become "The Everything Store," and it certainly does feel like they've set out to sell everything under the sun. However, there are some categories and brands where Amazon is still struggling to compete effectively.

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Amazon Prime Advertising

Market Track breaks down Amazon’s $624 million in paid media as well as their focus on converting non-Prime households into members. Find out how much of their spend is dedicated to Prime vs. how much they allocate to non-Amazon related products.

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How Low Can Amazon Go?

Amazon is known for their low-price reputation. So how low can Amazon go? Market Track compared pricing for a basket of goods at Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy to see how consistently Amazon was priced lowest.

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