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Competitrack has the most comprehensive creative archive in the country. We provide online access to over 15 million ads from the U.S. going back to 1999, and from more than 60 countries.

Powerful Ad Search Capability

Competitrack offers a powerful yet intuitive search tool so you can easily pinpoint the ads you need. Search by product, campaign, keyword or message content. See all ads running in a period or just those that broke. Find ads running in a key market or on a specific station, publication or website. These are just some of the variables available in Competitrack’s search interface.

The Fastest Ad Intelligence Available

New ads are uploaded to the Competitrack website around the clock. Ads breaking across a wide range of key media are identified within 4 to 24 hours of breaking. Custom New Ad Alerts provide links to view and download new ads as they break.

Detailed, Consistent and Customizable Ad Classification

Centralized teams of industry experts code and classify ads across all monitored media, making it possible to track campaigns across our entire ad archive. Granular classifications and custom message coding tailored to each industry enable clients to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Ad Spending by Industry and Occurrences Tied to Creative

Detailed occurrence reports are available for TV, print, radio, and digital ads, providing insight into the media channels used, flighting and weight of new and ongoing campaigns. Occurrence and spending data is uploaded throughout each day, providing a fast read of the support behind breaking campaigns.

Complete Ad Coverage

Comprehensive Ad Intelligence

Coverage of traditional, digital and alternative media provides 360º view of competitive landscape

International Advertising

Global Ad Monitoring

U.S. and international ads available on single website and 18 years of data online

Ad Reporting

Standardized Reporting

Centralized industry specialist teams code and classify all ads ensuring consistency across media

Ad Content

Quality Creatives

Download premium ad files in HD formats and view landing pages for all digital media

Ad Data

Custom Data Gathering

We collect message elements, price and promotion, competitor mentions, and more

How To Get Started

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