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Market Track's Branded Content platform allows clients to access and monitor creative execution across all key media types, providing customers with data-driven insights to better understand their competitors’ advertising campaigns as well as optimize their own advertising, marketing, and pricing strategies. Proprietary data and insights on how publishers and advertisers are executing their branded content and native advertising strategies further enhance clients' 360-degree competitive advertising landscape.

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Find campaigns by brand industry, content themes, or specific brands and publishers. Track campaigns as they launch in real time through our "Just Launched" section and stay in the loop about the branded content community through "My Brandtale".

Understand what prospective clients and partners have done in branded content and get inspired to create smarter content ideas and win new business. Set personalized alerts so you can see every launch you can't afford to miss.

Dive into insights across dozens of industries or content theme topics such as Auto, Alcohol, Education, Beauty, Sports, Government, Fashion, Entertainment, Travel, and more...

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