Unauthorized sales are the sale or distribution of genuine products through legal, but unauthorized, channels unintended and uncontrollable by the manufacturer or brand owner.

Branded content is any form of advertising that uses "content" - typically articles, videos, or infographics both on websites and social media - to support, represent or promote a product or service.

A digital shelf means a few different things in the world of B2C commerce. Learn the two definitions and how you can use a digital shelf to your advantage.

Competitive pricing can be a great way for certain types of businesses to gain traction in their market. Learn what competitive pricing is and when it's appropriate to use it.

Online brand protection is any of a series of measures companies can take to protect themselves from threats to their brands and products when selling in the eCommerce space.

Establishing a MAP price policy is key to promoting fair competition and keeping your brand image high. Learn what MAP price is and why it's so important.