The CyberAnalyst® MAP Monitoring solution is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced solution available in the market.
More and more manufacturers today are implementing Minimum Advertised Price Policies to protect their brand equity and their highly valued authorized channel partners. These MAP Policies establish a threshold for the lowest price at which a manufacturer’s products may be advertised for sale and typically impose a range of penalties for resellers who violate the policy. Penalties may start small with partial loss of marketing co-op funds and scale all the way up to suspension of product shipments from the manufacturer to the reseller for lengthy periods of time.


headwithquestionmarkSolutions that Don’t Work
Even so, not all resellers adhere to policies, and some adhere even less so when enforcement is spotty. Resellers are of course happy to point out violations by other resellers but relying on that results in very inconsistent enforcement … not to mention unhappy resellers on both ends of that equation. Manually searching the Internet is time consuming, tedious, and ineffective with too many sources to monitor, too much data to manage, and too little probability that you’ll catch all of the violations from sellers who are frequently changing their pricing.

There are automated monitoring solutions available from a number of vendors, but most of these solutions suffer from the same problems:

  • inability to monitor the full online arena
  • ineffective filtering of the data, resulting in large amounts of non-relevant content in your reports
  • inability to deal with special circumstances such as strike-through and in-cart pricing, resulting in a failure to identify true MAP violations.


CyberAnalyst® Solutionheadwithbulb-300x300
The CyberAnalyst MAP Monitor solution is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced solution available in the market. It provides sales, marketing, and channel management with real-time visibility into online listings for your products on:

  • global marketplaces
  • auction sites
  • retail websites
  • price comparison sites
  • search engine pages
  • industry- or customer-specific venues

It can be directed at only your authorized channel, or optionally at the full spectrum of listings for your products – from both authorized and unauthorized sellers. Proprietary search agents monitor the Internet, a sophisticated rules engine processes the collected data, and results are presented via an interactive dashboard and customizable reports. The combination of the rules engine and dedicated support from your assigned Market Track data analyst ensures quality content in your reports, not irrelevant data.

Detect Hidden PricingMAPseelowprice

Unlike most automated monitoring solutions, the combination of the CyberAnalyst search agents and its unparalleled rules engine makes evading detection very difficult even when prices are posted in a non-standard manner. For example, CyberAnalyst regularly deals with:

  • In-cart pricing
  • Strike-through pricing
  • Click-for price
  • Coupons or rebates
  • Bundles

Listings are flagged when the CyberAnalyst rules engine notes any of these non-standard price displays. In many cases, the automated search agent is then able to click through to pick up the correct price. Or, if the structure of the website prohibits that automated functionality, a Market Track data analyst will review the flagged listings and update the price accordingly. This, too, ensures excellent quality data in your reports.



How Do You Show Results?
A variety of reports provide ongoing visibility into MAP violations. Standard reports organize the data by seller, source website, listing, product, price, and MAP violation status. Links to the live listing URL are embedded, as well as links to the cached evidentiary support – a time- and date-stamped snapshot of the price violation for that listing.

Reports can also be customized to your specific needs. In addition, an interactive dashboard is available for those who want to further drill into the results. The dashboard can be configured per your specific needs, for example to reflect special pricing circumstances or count the number of MAP violations a seller has experienced.


What Makes CyberAnalyst the Best MAP Monitoring Solution?checkmark

  • CyberAnalyst search agents provide full visibility into the open market
  • Our sophisticated rules engine and dedicated data analyst support ensure that the results you see are only relevant data, not junk
  • Your assigned Market Track data analyst will be an expert in your domain
  • We can provide optional visibility into your FULL channel – both authorized and unauthorized sellers
  • Our customers – large and small – are our best references, and we’re happy to share themWe can get you fully implemented with a custom solution – at a price you can afford – within 2-3 weeks.

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