Market Track’s (formerly NewMo’s) Brand Protection solutions provide the world’s leading brands anti-counterfeitinggrey market abatement, MAP monitoring, investigative and enforcement services and additional monitoring capabilities.  Brands rely on Market Track’s Brand Protection solutions to identify the unauthorized and authorized sellers in the online arena that are damaging their revenues, profits, and brand reputation. Additionally, Market Track’s investigative and enforcement services help brands effectively take action against infringers in the eCommerce marketplace.

Our clients choose Market Track’s Brand Protection solution for our industry-leading…

Counterfeiting is perhaps the most visible of any of the brand abuses. From obviously fake luxury handbags to electrical components that are nearly indistinguishable from their authentic counterparts, the challenges of counterfeiting touch virtually every industry, every brand, every manufacturer, every consumer.

How do you know when your product is being diverted to an Unauthorized Channel? Do you wait until it shows up in the wrong region at a price that doesn’t make sense? Many manufacturers discover grey market abuse through complaints from authorized distributors that they’re being undercut by unauthorized sellers who appear to have supplies of an authentic product. However, then it’s too late – your margins have been impacted, your legitimate channel is unhappy, an incorrect pricing expectation has been set in the market and your brand has been damaged.

More and more manufacturers today are implementing Minimum Advertised Price Policies to protect their brand equity and their highly valued authorized channel partners. These MAP Policies establish a threshold for the lowest price at which a manufacturer’s products may be advertised for sale and typically impose a range of penalties for resellers who violate the policy. Penalties may start small with partial loss of marketing co-op funds and scale all the way up to suspension of product shipments from the manufacturer to the reseller for lengthy periods of time.

Each CyberAnalyst® solution comes with an assigned account manager and dedicated hours from a data analyst who is skilled in honing the CyberAnalyst® Platform to best identify and prioritize potential offenders. Additionally, your account team is extremely experienced in a variety of investigative and enforcement options.

Many of our solutions center on intellectual property issues. Others help keep rogue sellers from misrepresenting your product in a manner that misleads potential buyers. And still others allow you to watch trends in pricing for both your products and those of your competitors.