Gartner names Market Track as "Cool Vendor in Analytics"
We believe being recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Analytics further validates the business value of providing a comprehensive view of what is influencing shoppers and buyers.”  —Wayne Mincey, CEO of Market Track

E-commerce pricing changes fast—are you keeping up?
With prices online changing multiple times a day, and during key events by the hour, having visibility into where your competition is setting prices is critical. We can help.

Having trouble explaining lifts and dips in performance?
Overlaying POS information is key to understanding the efficacy of your promotions. Find out more about our enhanced POS tool.
Why Market Track?

Market Track is the leading provider of business intelligence solutions based on comprehensive analysis of promotional advertising and pricing. Today, more than 850 retailers, manufacturers and agencies rely on Market Track for timely market intelligence that:

  • Improves decisions, resulting in better business performance
  • Covers media sources for every key promotional channel: print, online, e-mail, social media and internet display ads
  • Provides data structure and tools that integrate multiple data sources
  • Utilizes high-performance support teams focused on your unique needs

With over 34 years of experience, Market Track understands the critical components of retailer competitiveness: share of voice, pricing, different uses of promotions and the timing of the ad drops. This translates into the most comprehensive ad tracking and decision-support solutions available in the marketplace. See how Market Track has helped our clients. MORE

Business Intelligence
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Introducing a new way to interact with promotional insights and get the answers you need faster than ever: Market Track’s iPad Application allows FeatureVision 5 users access to reporting, subscriptions, dashboards, insights and FlashReports. Upon download of the application you must supply your FeatureVision credentials. Download the app now!  Not on FeatureVision 5? Contact us to find out how to upgrade!